Highland Kitchen

Okay, so I knew I couldn’t make it more than 1 post on this blog without talking about Highland Kitchen in Somerville.  Oh, and for all of you who pointed out my spelling mistakes or mistypes, please don’t ever talk to me again.  That is you, Tim.

Highland Kitchen is the ultimate neighborhood restaurant that not many of you have ever heard of.  There are no reservations, you see the same people there everytime you go, and the menu changes constantly.  The inside has a cool atmoshpere, with a nice bar area where you can down some delicious, exotic mixed drinks as you wait for 30 minutes for your table.  The bartenders are extremely knowledgeable, and they do things right- muddle your mint, garnish properly, and put a good amount of booze to get you a little tipsy before you sit down.

Once you sit down, I highly suggest thinking long and hard about the specials.  They do rotate some of the same ones know and again (the scallop app- awesome) and they use very fresh ingedients.  If you read my first post, I judge restaurants based on their chicken.  And no one, I mean no one, does it better than HK.  Crispy skin is the kicker, but the whole dish is awesome, including the sweet potato hash.  I have considered drinking the gravy that comes with it.  Anyone want to bet me $20 next time we go?

Overall, HK is a great experience.  I have never had a bad meal, a bad dish or a bad drink there.  The only downside is that it is a little on the small side.  Be prepared for a loud crowd, but once you go once, I guarentee you will be back.

I’m not sure why I picked two Somerville restaurants in a row, but I will find a new spot for my next post.


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