EVOO- Somerville

The first post.  Not a bad one to start with.

If you can find EVOO in their current location, it is worth going in.  A very small setting, with an open kitchen (one of my favorite features of any restaurant) EVOO is certainly inviting.  This is of course after you get past the drapes that seperate to get into the restaurant.  You feel like you are about to go on stage.  Looking around, this is an obvious “Harvard professor” crowd, which does not match the inventive and fresh menu.   The menu is a mix of a bunch of different types of food- southwestern, french, New Hampshire (rabbits, roadkill, and whatever else those people eat).   Once you get past the light menu reading, the food is seasoned properly, cooked to perfection and portioned nicely.

My standard test for any restaurants is chicken.  Call me boring, but chicken can either be great or awful.  Perfect test fo a non-critic.  So, I ordered the chicken.  It was a BBQ glazed chicken, and it came with home-made coleslaw, fried pickle slices and something else that I am blanking on right now.  Good start here, can’t even remember the dish that I am reviewing.  Maybe this blog is not a great idea.  Anyway, the chicken was awesome.  The bone was left on, which is how it should be, and the breat was cooked perfectly.  The slaw was awesome too- way more kick than you would every expect. 

Service was great too- he talked us through the process they go through to create their daily-changing menus.  Basically, farms all over will call up and say “hey, I have this cow, do you want any of it?”  Instead of ordering what they need, they order what is freshest.  A great concept. 

They are moving to Kendall Square in February, so I anticipate that the new locaiton will be much more accessible.  The prices were high, but reasonable for the amount and quality of the food you get.  Wine selection is good too- varied selection and some new wines I haven’t heard of.  In other words, it wasnt Two Buck Chuck or Lindemans. 

If you’ve eaten there before, let me know what you think.  Since the menu changes everyday, I’d like to here an overall opinion about the place.

That’s all for now.


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